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Some Suggestions

  • Close doors behind you when you leave a room.
  • Learn to say "Kde je" (Gdeh yeh). It means "Where is?"
  • When mailing letters or postcards from Slovakia, insist that the post office stamps "par avion" (air) on outgoing mail. Or write it clearly yourself in red.
  • Carry a tote bag and toilet paper with you at all times.

Some Facts

  • Approximately 32 koruny (crowns) equal $1 American. This rate fluctuates.
  • Film is available throughout the country, as is one-hour negative film processing
  • The main meal (obed) is eaten at noon and always begins with soup.
  • In towns and cities most Slovaks live in apartment buildings; villagers live in houses.

Some Observations

  • Water is good, but many prefer mineral water---bottled or from natural springs.
  • Pirohy are seldom on restaurant menus. Breaded pork cutlets are common.
  • Many theatres, museums and galleries reflect the serious cultural atmosphere.
  • Air conditioning and screens are not yet available throughout most of the country.
PLUS...4 pages of useful and common Slovak words and phrases.

 Cost of "Going to Slovakia?" guide is $2.50 (includes postage).

Lil Junas, 936 Peace Street, Hazleton, Pa. 18201. 570-454-1660 (summer months)

Lil Junas, Comm Arts Dept., Wartburg College, Waverly, IA 50677  (September to May)